Peers.TV is a unique user‑friendly application that brings Television to a completely new level. Peers.TV brings you Live TV and your favourite TV shows anywhere on a variety of devices for FREE.


1. “LIVE TV”: Any channel, Anywhere, Anytime.

2. “FULL CATCH UP”: We store all programs for 7 days so you don't miss a thing. In addition, you can permanently store programs straight to your device or personal Cloud storage, so you can access them offline.

3. “HIGHLIGHTS”: We cut news‑blocks from different sources by individual reportages and categorize them by themes so you can get the whole story easily. It gives you a complete picture of events that only you are interested in with different opinions.

How it can change your lifestyle

1.You don't need to run home to catch your favorite show anymore.

2.You are fully charged with up to date news from multiple sources wherever you are.

3.Load your favorite shows straight to your device. Useful when traveling by plane, train or visiting your in‑laws

4. Share interesting shows with your friends via social networks

STEPS: Open the app and enjoy.

Currently, you can download Peers.TV app on:

1. iOS devices: IPhone, IPad, IPod
2. Android devices: Phones and Tablets
3. Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Panasonic
4. Web: www.peers.tv
5. Set Top Boxes (available not in aevery country)
6. More devices are coming


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