Terms of Peers.TV Paid Services

Entered into force on March 20, 2014

Peers.TV service allows you to access some premium features and content by one-time or periodic payments to the extent that applies to chosen functions or content (hereinafter, individually - "Paid Service" or, together - "Paid Services"). Paid services include rental and purchases on Peers.TV, subscriptions to pay-TV channels, subscriptions to Paid Services and other services Peers.TV which can be offered to you in the future. Your transactions and other use of the Paid Services are governed by these Terms and Conditions of Peers.TV Paid Services («Terms of Paid Services»).

Peers.TV is owned by a legal entity, OOO "Inetra."
Legal address: Russia. Novosibirsk. Deputatskaya street 48. 630099
Mailing address: Russia. Novosibirsk. Yadrincevskaya street 53/1 630099
INN / KPP 540 627 99 09/540 601 001

1. The adoption of the Terms and Conditions of Paid Services

By using Peers.TV Paid Services, you confirm that you accept these Terms and Conditions of Paid Services, as well as all other terms and conditions that apply to the use of the website Peers.TV. The above documents are hereinafter referred to as "Terms". Please read the Terms and Conditions. If you do not understand Terms or you do not accept any provisions of these Terms, you must not use the Peers.TV Paid Services.

Each time you place an order to a Paid Service (including placing an order for each individual subscription or individual part of the content), you enter into a separate contract for services on these Terms. Completing your purchase means that you have agreed to enter into a legally binding contract for receiving relevant Paid Services.

2. Payment schedule, refund and cancellation of subscription

Payment: OOO "Inetra" accepts payments made in the indicated before the completion of the purchase manner. Payments may be done through Robokassa, as well as using other payment methods that we apply in appropriate times. You must use a valid payment method for purchases of Paid Services , for the use of the trial (test) versions or for other free offers, related to Paid Services.
You hereby agree to comply with all the relevant Terms of service or other terms of legally binding agreements with the company OOO "Inetra" or with a third party that governs your use of the chosen method of payment.
Price for Paid Services can be changed at any time. OOO "Inetra" does not carries fixed rates and does not provide a return of paid sums in the event of price reduction or any promotional offers.
You hereby agree to pay for any Paid Service ordered by you. OOO "Inetra" will debit specified value for chosen Paid Service from your Debit/Credit card or by alternative method of payment, as well as any additional amounts collected in the appropriate order, including any applicable taxes, bank charges and bank fees associated with flactuations in exchange rate (you can be informed before making purchases).
If you buy any automatically revolving subscription, you hereby consent that OOO «Inetra» will arrange withdrawals on every first day of each payment period of respective subscription based on specified details and the method of payment you provided.
If your payment method can not be used due to the expiry of the credit/debit card or by any other reason, so that we are unable to debit the amount that covers the next payment period, OOO "Inetra" reserves the right to terminate your access to corresponding ordered Peers.TV Paid Services immediately as long as you do not specify a valid payment method. If you do not provide information on the valid method of payment within a reasonable period of time, OOO "Inetra" has the right to cancel your subscription.

Payments through the service Robokassa made in rubles. In case of payment made from the different currency, conversion is carried out in accordance with the tariffs of the buyer's bank.

Refund: You can cancel your purchase and receive a refund of the paid amount if you have not yet started to use ordered Paid Service and have sent a request to make a refund within seven (7) business days after placing your order unless there is a defect in the Paid content and / or Paid services, in that case the aforementioned period does not apply.
If your ordered trial (test) versions of the services (as described below), the above-mentioned period of seven (7) business days for the refund starts with the start of the trial (test) version and not from the date of payment for Paid Service.
Requirements for refund should be sent to the client support department using the following link: https://peers.tv/passport/feedback/.
We reserve the right to satisfy or deny demands for the return of funds that were sent after the expiration of seven (7) working days, at our own discretion, unless there are any defects in the Paid Services.
If a request for a refund was sent after seven (7) business days after you bought a subscription, you can receive part of payment in proportion to the remaining time of the subscription.
If you received a refund on any grounds, the OOO "Inetra" reserves the right to terminate your access to the relevant Peers.TV Paid Service you purchased.

Unsubscribe: If you purchased a subscription of automatically revolving Paid Service you will be charged for subscription until you cancel it. You may unsubscribe at any time before the end of the current billing period. Such cancellation will take effect from the beginning of the next payment period. In order to avoid the levying of corresponding funds you need to terminate the use of the Paid Service.

Free trial (test) version : The company "Inetra" may offer trial (test) version of Paid Services to new subscribers at no charge. If you purchase a subscription of Paid Service which includes a trial (test) version, you get an access to this premium service for free until trial (test) version expires. By the end of this period you will be charged for subscription unless you cancel your subscription. In order to avoid the levying of corresponding funds you need to terminate the use of the Paid Services before the end of the trial (test) version period.

Pre-orders: OOO "Inetra" may give you the opportunity to place orders for certain content that included in the Paid Services in advance. When you pre-order such content, in the absence of indications to the contrary, your operation is considered as completed and funds will be debited from your account on the day when access to such content is granted. You have the right to cancel a reservation at any time prior to providing you with access to respective content.

3. Access to Paid Services

Limitations. Currently, Paid Services and certain types of content included in the Paid Services are available only for certain countries and on certain devices. You hereby agree that you will not provide any false, inaccurate or misleading information in order to impersonate a resident of the country where the relevant Paid Services are available and that you will not take any actions to bypass the restrictions on access to specified Paid Services or content contained in such Paid Services.

4. License

You can use Paid Services for personal and non-commercial purposes. You agree not to use any Pay Services, in whole or in part, for public even if it is free of charge (except in cases where such use is not copyright infringement). You are granted a non-exclusive license to access the Paid Service, all relevant rights, including ownership right and rightholders rights of Pay Services (including content offered is Paid Service) that are not expressly granted to you in these Terms and Conditions remain with OOO "Inetra" and licensors of OOO "Inetra." In case if company OOO "Inetra" has reasonable grounds to believe that you have violated the terms of Paid Service, your rights under this Section 4 will be immediately terminated, and OOO "Inetra" will have the right to terminate your access to Paid Services and / or to your account in Peers.TV without any notice and without refund of any sums you paid.

5. Limitations

By using Paid Service you do not have the right to make (or try to make) the following:
- Use Paid Services unlawfully or for unlawful purposes;
- Share the password of your Peers.TV account with any other person, so that such person could access to the Paid Service, which was not ordered by him/her;
- Copy, sell, issue temporary use or sublicense premium service content to a third party;
- Fraudulently bypass, reverse engineer, alter, disable or interfere with security technology used to protect Peers.TV Paid Services or promote similar or incite anyone to commit such acts;
- Have access to Paid Services in a manner not provided by the Peers.TV; or
remove any property rights notices placed on Paid Services.

6. Changes

Changes or cessation of operation of Paid Service. OOO "Inetra" reserves the right to make any changes in the Paid Services. Besides that, OOO "Inetra" reserves the right to amend the Pay Services, to suspend or terminate their work. At the same time, OOO "Inetra" will not be liable to you or to any third party for any such modification, suspension or termination. However, this does not limit your right to demand the refund, described above.

Content removal or unavailability.
In some cases, the content of Paid Service might become unavailable due to restrictions imposed by our partners, who own the licenses for such content, or for any other legal or regulations related to the use of content reasons. In such cases OOO "Inetra" is not liable for the unavailability of such content. In case of content purchase or rent, if this happens during the subscription to a Paid Service, you can request a refund or a reasonable substitute for unavailable content.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions of Paid Services.
From time to time OOO "Inetra" may change the Terms and Conditions of a Paid Services so we recommend you to check for Terms and Conditions updates of Paid Services periodically on the following address: [insert link]. In the event of Terms and Conditions changes of Paid Service, you will be given an opportunity to familiarize with the new Terms and Conditions before your next purchase of Paid Service. Any purchase, means that you accept the new Terms and Conditions of Paid Services. You also agree that these conditions will apply to your current use of the service as a whole (including any Paid Service, that was previousely purchased) and future purchases ( until the next change of the Terms and Conditions of Paid Services). If you refuse to accept the updated Terms and Conditions of Paid Service, you will not be entitled to purchase any additional Paid Services and the latest agreed version of Terms and Conditions will apply to previously acquired Paid Services.

7. Other Conditions

A. You hereby acknowledge and agree that some content of Peers.TV Paid Services may be perceived as abusive by some people and do not contain indications as such. OOO "Inetra" does not guarantee that all descriptions of Paid Services or the content contained therein are accurate. You agree to use the Paid Services at your own risk and in accordance with applicable law. OOO "Inetra" will not carry any liability for any content that you consider offensive.

B. OOO "Inetra" does not guarantee high video quality in case the technical means of user to the Internet do not meet the minimum requirements (channel width of at least 5 Mbps).

C. Paid Services are provided by OOO «Inetra». Contact information is presented below:
OOO "Inetra"
Legal address: Russia, Novosibirsk, Deputatskaya street 46, 24 Floor
Mailing address: 630099, Novosibirsk, Yadrintsevskaya street 53/1
Phone: (383) 209-02-20,

Complaints and / or comments on the Peers.TV Paid Services can be sent to the above address or via the email address (link above).

D. You agree that you are solely responsible for (and that the company OOO "Inetra" is not liable to you) breach of your obligations under the Terms of Paid Services and for the consequences of any such breach (including any loss or damage that may arise as a result of such breach in OOO "Inetra").

E. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for timely payments and for providing us with details of your current credit/debit card or other payment methods for Peers.TV service.

F. With the applicable law and exclusions mentioned hereinafter in this paragraph, the company OOO "Inetra" is not liable for any commercial damages (including lost profits, damage to reputation or loss of business data). No points in current Terms and Conditions of Paid Services are not intended to exclude or limit the liability of any party for death or personal injury; (ii) fraud; (iii) intentional false statements or (iv) any liability which can not be excluded or limited by law.

G. Except cases where it is prohibited by applicable law, you hereby acknowledge and agree that these Terms and Conditions of Paid Service, your agreement to acquire Paid Services and your relationship with OOO "Inetra" in these Terms and Cnditions of Paid Services governed by the laws of the Russian Federation and any claims or disputes arising wholly or partly in connection with the use of the website and various Peers.TV applications and Paid Services will be treated exclusively by Supreme Court of Arbitration of Russia. The venue of the arbitration proceedings is Novosibirsk. The language of the hearing is Russian.

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